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Team records for Alabama vs LSUYears 1936-2014
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Date H/V Opponent W/L Score Record Year Rank Game Rank Div.ConfConf Record
11-07-1964HLSUW17-9(8-2-1)(7/7)(8/9)MSEC (4-2-1)
11-11-1972HLSUW35-21(9-2-1)(11/10)(6/6)MSEC (4-1-1)
11-22-1973VLSUW21-7(9-3-0)(13/14)(7/7)ISEC (5-1-0)
11-11-1978HLSUW31-10(8-4-0)(35/0)(10/11)IASEC (3-3-0)
11-06-1982HLSUL10-20(8-3-1)(11/11)(11/10)IASEC (4-1-1)
11-12-2005HLSUL13-16(11-2-0)(6/5)(5/5)IASEC (7-1-0)
11-07-2009HLSUW24-15(9-4-0)(17/17)(9/9)IASEC (5-3-0)
11-05-2011HLSUL6-9(13-1-0)(2/2)(1/1)IASEC (8-0-0)
01-09-2012NLSUW21-0(13-1-0)(2/2)(1/1)IASEC (8-0-0)
11-03-2012VLSUW21-17(10-3-0)(14/12)(5/5)IASEC (6-2-0)
11-09-2013HLSUW38-17(10-3-0)(14/14)(10/12)IASEC (5-3-0)
Record: 11-(8-3-0)--0.727Points: 237-141 (21.5-12.8)
Conf Record: 10-(90.9%)-(7-3-0)--0.700Points: 216-141 (19.6-12.8)
Home: 8-(72.7%)-(5-3-0)--0.625Away: 2-(18.2%)-(2-0-0)--1.000Neut: 1-(9.1%)-(1-0-0)--1.000
Vs Game Top 10: 11-(100.0%)-(8-3-0)--0.727Vs Game Ranked: 11-(100.0%)-(8-3-0)--0.727
Vs Year Top 10: 5-(45.5%)-(3-2-0)--0.600Vs Year Ranked: 10-(90.9%)-(7-3-0)--0.700
Vs Majors: 11-(100.0%)-(8-3-0)--0.727Vs IA Non-Majors: 0-(0.0%)-(0-0-0)--0.000Vs Non-IA: 0-(0.0%)-(0-0-0)--0.000
Bowl Record: 1-(9.1%)-(1-0-0)--1.000Vs Bowl Teams: 11-(100.0%)-(8-3-0)--0.727Vs Non Bowl Teams: 0-(0.0%)-(0-0-0)--0.000
Cnf Chmp Gms: 0-(0.0%)-(0-0-0)--0.000Vs Cnf Chmps: 2-(18.2%)-(1-1-0)--0.500Vs IA Teams: 11-(100.0%)-(8-3-0)--0.727
Opponents Record: (108-28-3)--0.788Record (mHtH): (105-20-3)--0.832Div IA (mHtH): (100-20-3)--0.825
Vs Tms w/lower Pct: 8-(72.7%)-(5-3-0)--0.625Vs Tms w/higher Pct: 2-(18.2%)-(2-0-0)--1.000Vs Tms w/same Pct: 1-(9.1%)-(1-0-0)--1.000
Vs Tms w/lower Cnf Pct: 4-(72.7%)-(4-0-0)--1.000Vs Tms w/higher Cnf Pct: 3-(27.3%)-(2-1-0)--0.667Vs Tms w/same Cnf Pct: 4-(36.4%)-(2-2-0)--0.500
Vs Lower GmRnk Tms: 9-(81.8%)-(7-2-0)--0.778Vs Higher GmRnk Tms: 2-(18.2%)-(1-1-0)--0.500Vs Same GmRnk Tms: 0-(0.0%)-(0-0-0)--0.000
Vs Lower YrRnk Tms: 9-(81.8%)-(8-1-0)--0.889Vs Higher YrRnk Tms: 2-(18.2%)-(0-2-0)--0.000Vs Same YrRnk Tms: 0-(0.0%)-(0-0-0)--0.000
Column Key:
Date - Game Date - shaded - Bowl Game (point at date for bowl name)
H/V - Game Site (Home/Visitor/Neutral) - shaded - Conference Championship Game (point at for city)
W/L - Game Result (Win/Loss/Tie, lowercase indicates forfeit)
Record - Win/Loss/Tie of opponents (according to their records) - shaded - winning record (point at for record of both teams)
Year Rank - Current or end of year ranking (AP/AFCA) - shaded - ranked (point at for rank of both teams (AP/AFCA/BCS)
Game Rank - Ranking at game time (AP/AFCA) - shaded - ranked (point at for rank of both teams (AP/AFCA/BCS)
Div - Division team was in at game time (IA, I, M all FBS equivalent) - shaded - major at game time
Conf - Historical conference affiliation - shaded - won a conference championship
Conf Record - Conference record according to the conference - shaded - conference game (point at for conf record of both teams)
Totals Key:
Vs Game Top 10/Vs Game Ranked - Records against teams in the top 10 or ranked during the game (AP/AFCA)
Vs Year Top 10/Vs Year Ranked - Records against teams that finished in the top 10 or ranked in the final poll (AP/AFCA)
Vs Majors - Currently Teams from Automatic Qualifying conferences plus Notre Dame, in previous years, their equivalent.
Vs Non-Majors - Teams that aren't majors, but are still in the FBS subdivision (or it's equivalent)
Vs IA Teams - Record against FBS teams (game time) or it's equivalent
Vs non-IA - Record against non-FBS teams (game time) or the equivalent of FBS
Opponents Record: Total wins, losses and ties of opponents played (actual game results used)
Record (mHtH): Total wins, losses and ties of opponents played with the head to head games removed
Div IA (mHtH): Total wins, losses and ties against FBS (or equivalent) teams, minus the head to head
Vs w/lower/higher/same pct: The team record against teams with lower, higher or the same winning percentage
-----Note that the head to head game is removed prior to the percentage calculation. Therefore a 11-1 team has the
-----same winning percentage as a 10-2 team that they beat (both calculated at 10-1, but a higher winning percentage
-----the same 11-1 team lost to a 10-2 team (calculated 11-0 and 9-2 respectively
Vs w/lower/higher/same Cnf pct: The team record against teams with lower, higher or the same conference winning percentage
Vs Lower/Higher/Same GmRnk Tms: The team record against teams with lower, higher or the same rank
-----Note that "Lower" ranked teams are teams that have a higher number ranking (ie. #5 is "lower" than #1)
Vs Lower/Higher/Same YrRnk Tms: The team record against teams that finished the season with a lower, higher or the same rank

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